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CGI - Common Gateway Interface

Apache2 Server Docker Ruby CGI Image

  1. Download cgi-ruby.dockerfile and run the following script in the same folder. cgi-ruby is the name for the image, change it if you want to.

    docker build -f cgi-ruby.dockerfile -t cgi-ruby .
  2. Start Apache2 server and load current directory in docker as cgi-bin folder

    • Windows CMD

      docker run -dit -p 80:80 -v "%cd%":/usr/lib/cgi-bin -w /usr/lib/cgi-bin cgi-ruby
    • Linux & Windows PowerShell

      docker run -dit -p 80:80 -v ${pwd}:/usr/lib/cgi-bin -w /usr/lib/cgi-bin cgi-ruby
    • OS X

      docker run -dit -p 80:80 -v $PWD:/usr/lib/cgi-bin -w /usr/lib/cgi-bin cgi-ruby
  3. Now you can access .rb script by access http://localhost/cgi-bin/[filename].rb, the page will be rendered dynamically at the moment you modify the .rb script.